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As a site based in the UK, we are still required to implement the EU VAT directive requiring us to charge VAT to all EU customers. Your answers to the questions above allow us to ensure that if you are in the EU, we can pay the correct VAT to the tax authorities of the relevant country.

I'm in the UK, how does Brexit affect this?
The UK is no longer in the EU, however as a UK VAT registered business we are still required to charge VAT to UK residents.

What happens if I am using an EU or UK IP address but am not an EU or UK resident?
If you get charged the with-VAT rate but are not in fact an EU or UK resident, contact us by email and once we have verified that your billing address is outside the EU and UK, we will then refund the extra $10 to your PayPal account.

Does this affect people who are not in the EU or UK, like Americans, Canadians, or Japanese?
If you are genuinely outside the EU, then set the top box to "No" and he second one to "Not in the EU", and enter your PayPal address. As long as you are not accessing the site from an EU or UK registered IP address, You won't be charged VAT and will be able to join at the original $50 price.