Privacy, Cookies, and Personal Data

Our Privacy Policy, Cookie Policy, and GDPR Compliance Statements

We regard our customers' privacy as being of the utmost importance, and to maintain this we operate the following policies:

Data Collected: When you join this site we receive a limited amount of personal data from our payment processor(s), in particular we receive your paymemt email address, which is the address used to send you your membership and login information. We will only ever use this address for membership purposes, and will never send marketing material of any kind to your payment address, unless you separetely ask us to do so.

Data Sharing: We do not and will not share or sell membership personal data of any kind with anyone. The only circumstance under which we would ever do so would be if a court order compelled us to.

Mailing Lists: At time of writing (May 2018) we do not operate a mailing list. Should this ever change in future we will invite users to subscribe manually - will will NOT add members' payment email addresses to such a list unless individual users specifically request us to do so.

Data Retention: We only retain data for as long as is required by law for tax and accountancy purposes. As soon as data is no longer required to be retained for these purposes, it is permanently deleted.

Cookies: At time of writing (May 2018) we do not use any cookies on our sites, either our own or third parties. We do not use website tracking or analysis tools on our sites. If this changes in future we will update this policy to clearly state what systems we use, and place a notice on the front page alerting visitors to the change.

Server Log Files: Our server records limited data for fault finding and fraud prevention purposes. These logs are rotated daily and purged entirely after four days unless daily analysis indicates fradulent activity or other unusual incidents. Even then, data will only be retained for long enough to perform a detailed analysis.

Requesting your data: You have the right to request a copy of the data we hold on you. You can request this by emailing Note while first requests will always be free we may at our discression charge an admin fee for subsequent or multiple requests for the same data. Note we will only ever send data to the payment email address that matches the account, under no circumstances will data be released to any other address unless we are compelled by a court order. This ensures that only you can receive your data.

Site visitors who do not take out a membership: The only information about your visit that will be recorded is your IP address and the pages and files you have viewed, and this data will be permanently deleted after four days.

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Instant access - join through PayPal now! or Buy individual scenes in the download store!



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