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Maiden's Maiden Mud Solo! - set gm-2m01

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Maiden's Maiden Mud Solo

First mud for Maiden the Slave Girl

  • Black combat trousers
  • Black long-sleeve tee-shirt
  • Black short sleeve "Stella Artois" barmaid's shirt
  • Caterpillar boots

A week past Beltaine 2007, Summer is with us, and Maiden takes to the mud! Following Lady Jasmine's advice, Maiden dresses smartly in a perfect student barmaid's outfit, and gleefully throws herself into the thick sloppy clay of one of Lady-J's favourite riverbank mudspots. Having first leapt feet-first into the sloppiest spot she could find, Maiden proceeds to kneel down, crawl through the mud, lie down, and smears liquid clay all over her entire outfit.

During this shoot a rainstorm briefly blew over the location, but Maiden carried on regardless, rolling and splashing about as the rain poured down from above. A beautiful girl, a perfect outfit, fantastic mud - a whole lot of fun!