Welcome to Langstonedale, land of mud and water!

The Catsuit Mud Angel - set gm-2m27

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  • gm-2m27-v1 (24 minutes, 32 seconds)

The Catsuit Mud Angel

Felicity takes to the mudbanks in full spandex!

High Summer has come to Langstonedale, and Felicity the Serving Wench decided to spend a relaxing day off, dressed in a shiny black spandex catsuit and thin shiny black jacket, playing, sliding, slopping about, and making mud angels, in the rich slippery mudbanks of the Marsh House estate.

She slips and slides her way into the mud, falling over once and landing on her bottom on a relatively dry bit to start with - but he beautiful shiny catsuit doesn't escape for long, as within moments she's sliding down into the very sloppy liquid mud at the bottom of one of the gullies, and from then on she just gets more and more covered in mud, revelling in muddy pleasure as she slides, rolls, sits down, lies back, and eventually crawls through the all-enveloping muck.

Once she's well covered she takes her jacket off, revealing the still clean upper half and sleeves of her catsuit - which she quickly completely messes up by filling her jacket with liquid mud and putting it back on again over the clean spandex.

The video of this scene runs for 24 minutes and is non stop mud action all the way through. The video operator went right into the mud with Felicity and the entire scene is shot from just a few feet away, so there is no zooming in, no missed action, and no shaking camera, you can enjoy Felicity's time in the mud as if you were right there beside her. The video has full original sound with no crew chatter, just the sounds of the countryside and Felicity squelching in the almost liquid Lincolnshire clay.

Mini-trailer included below - note members videos are full size.