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Muddy Black Dress - set gm-2m41

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Muddy Black Dress

Rosemary and Honeysuckle drench each other in mud

Honeysuckle, wearing a lovely little black dress and bright yellow go-go boots, and Rosemary, in a vaguely Gothic, vaguely maid-style knee length black dress with white trim, and black boots, defy the rage of the winter outside by totally drenching each other in warm liquid mud in the dungeon.

There's no game or plot to this one, just two girls who love messing themselves and each other up, gradually reducing each other from smart black dresses and boots to mud-coated ruin, and loving every moment of it. They pour mud all over each other's dresses, make each other sit in trays of mud, and once their dresses and boots are totally coated they sit each other down and give each other very thorough liquid mud shampoos too, the mud flowing over and through their lovely locks, reducing both to mud-head ruin.

Shot in the bitter winter of early 2017, it was well below zero outside, with three feet of snow on the Chase and the winds absolutely howling round the rooftops of the hall, but down in the dungeon there was heating and warm liquid mud to play with. The mess never stops at Langstonedale!