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Mud Maude Sportswear - set gm-2m47

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Mud Maude Sportswear

Our chambermaid wears her running gear into the slop

Dressed in tight black running pants, sports bra top, and thin running jacket, Maude takes to the mudbanks and gets very, very muddy!

She sits in the mud, crawls up the banks and slides back down on her bottom, and gradually and with lots of fun, gets muddier and muddier. Eventually her running trousers get totally drenched in liquid mud as she rolls around in the gullybottom slop, and her jacket and bra top meet the same muddy fate soon after. But it's a beautifully warm and sunny summer's day, so she just carries on playing in the mud, sliding, rolling, crawling, and frequently pulling her mud-drenched trousers up tight as the weight of the mud tries to pull them off her.

Needless to say her gorgeous hair and pretty face both get the full mud treatment too.

Lots of mud, lots of fun, and Maude having a brilliant time slopping about totally covered from head to toe in mud!