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Post Ride Mud Equaliser - set gm-2m49

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Post Ride Mud Equaliser

Rosemary submits to a liquid mudding at Susie's hands

Rosemary, the head groom, and Susie, her understudy, have been out for a fast gallop on two of the estate horses, a gallop which resulted in Susie getting so plastered in mud thrown up by Rosemary's horse, she had to change out of her riding gear into a pair of running leggings and a bra-top when they got back, while Rosemary remained completely spotless throughout the whole ride. Clearly, this calls for an equalisation and Rosemary's lovely jodhpurs and polo shirt cannot escape unscathed. So down to the dungeon they head, where there just happens to be a fresh tub of liquid mud handy, and Rosemary submits to being muddied by Susie.

Of course in reality they both love the mud, so after a few turns in which Rosemary gets her jodhpurs well glooped, Susie submits to having her leggings and top mud-drenched too.

Both girls end up utterly drenched in liquid mud, their outfits totally covered and soaked in it, full mud shampoos for both, and mud-smeared faces.

The mud used in this scene is genuinr riverbank mud, hauled back to the Hall dungeons in buckets and mixed with warm water to make it liquid.