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Leather Jeans Mudbath

Rosemary wears real leather jeans in the mud

Rosemary has a fetish for wearing leather. And she absolutely loves the mud. So what could be better than combining them?

Raven-haired Rosemary takes a spectacular mudbath in the mudbanks, wearing genuine 100% real leather jeans, a see-through shirt over a black swimsuit, and somewhat worn black leather boots. Starting clean, she slides backwards on her bottom into the lake of very sloppy mud at the bottom of a gully, rolls over onto her front, and then spends a very happy quarter of an hour sliding, rolling, wallowing, and generally having fun, in the liquid mud. She gets totaly coated and drenched in mud, eventually including her hair too, and we really get to enjoy seeing her crawling, rolling, and sliding about in her leather trousers.

Once upon a time those were very expensive high fashion leather jeans. Now they are going in a mudbath, and Rosemary is loving every second as she enthusiastically wears them into the muck.

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