Welcome to Langstonedale, land of mud and water!

Goth Maude Gets Muddy! - set gm-2m61

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Goth Maude Gets Muddy!

Maude, in black, joins Rosemary in leather, in the mud

Maude is dressed for the alternative club, in a black denim bondage dress worn over a black spandex catsuit, with transparent chunky boots on her feet. But she's going in the mud, to join Rosemary, in her leather jeans, who's already utterly coated in liquid clay.

Filmed on one of the hottest days of the year, join Maude as she cools off in the wonderful mudbanks, including sliding, faceplanting, rolling around, and letting herself fall full height - splat! - into the mud.

Maude and Rosemary also lie in the mud together and cuddle, both totally coated including full hair and face coverage, anmd taking turns to straddle each other before finally lying together and hugging.

To wonderfully up-for-it girls, and a whole lot of muddy fun!