Welcome to Langstonedale, land of mud and water!

An afternoon dip - set gm-2w08

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An afternoon in the river

Lady Jasmine and The Pink Pourer take a relaxing dip

  • Lady Jasmine
  • Pale blue shirt
  • Blue jeans
  • Green wellies
  • Black leather-look jacket
  • The Pink Pourer
  • Pink boilersuit
  • Pink pirate scarf
  • Pink wellies
  • White belt

Lady Jasmine, in her jeans and wellies, and her fiendish gunge-helper, The Pink Pourer, make the most of a hot afternoon in the Dale near the Hall, splashing each other, paddling, and getting generally soaked.

Lady Pink takes to the water first, paddling, sitting down, and then allowing Lady Jasmine to splash water over her. Then it's Lady Jasmine's turn, she wades into the clear water, flooding her boots, slowly soaking her jeans all the way to her waist, and then lying back and going for a swim, still with her jacket and wellies on.

The weather was wonderful, still and warm, and this location under a lovely old stone bridge was beautiful, so these two, friends for a long time now, made the most of it, splashing in and out of the river, Lady Jasmine swimming in the deep pool below the bridge.

Lady Jasmine's jeans, jacket, shirt and boots completely drenched, and The Pink Pourer's boilersuit and boots totally soaked. All in all, a wonderful way to spend an afternoon!