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Hotel Bed Bubble Bath Fun - set gm-2w111

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  • gm-2w111-v1 (12 minutes, 50 seconds)
  • gm-2w111-v2 (08 minutes, 31 seconds)

Hotel Bed Bubble Bath Fun

Barefoot Daisy and Daphne drench each other's jumpsuits in bubblebath on a bed

Dasy and Daphne are in a hotel room, both identically dressed in royal blue boilersuits over swimsuits, barefoot, but with black rubber gloves.

Taking turns, they pour bubble bath all over each other's suits until they are both drenched in it, and they rub it in to foam each other up. They also pour bubble bath all over each other's hair and foam that up too, and then lie straddling each other, a happy foamy squelchy mess together.

Once they've had enough fun in the bedroom, in the second video they take to the shower and wash each other down, still in their jumpsuits.