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Daisy's Dungarees Shower and Bath - set gm-2w112

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Daisy's Dungarees Shower and Bath

Young Daisy is going to get very, very wet!

Daisy, dressed in pale blue denim dungarees and a matching short denim jacket, plus wellies and a swimsuit underneath, takes a shower and bath, including completely lathering her clothes up with bubble bath before she turns the water on, and a full shampoo hairwash too.

First she covers her outfit in bubble bath and then lathers it up with her hands. Then she turns the shower on and gets totally soaked and then keeps playing in the foam-filled bath and shower in her wet clothes. At one point she takes her wellies, both full of water, off, and pours the contents over her wet clothes.

Eventually she strips down to just her swimsuit to finish off, with the shower still playing over her.

Technical: There is full original sound on this video. Note, somehow the still photos that should have acompanied this video have been lost, so instead it's acompanied by a small set of video screen grabs taken during the editing process.