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Maria's Black Dress Bath and Shampoo - set gm-2w143

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Maria's Black Dress Bath and Shampoo

Fully clothed bathing, the only way to do it!

The lovely Maria takes a nice bath, and shampoos and rinses both her dress, and her hair, while wearing a lovely smart-casual black office outfit. First she sits in the already full bath, wetting her bottom and reacting with pleasure as the back of her dress soaks through, then she settles back into the water, getting totally soaked while sending water cascading out of the bath and across the floor. She soaks herself totally, plays with the hosepipe, thoroughly shampoos her dress before rinsing it off again, and then shampoos and rinses her beautiful hair too. And she also does all this barefoot, pretty feet visible as she lies back in the gently lapping water.