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Riviera Nurse - set gm-2w15

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Riviera Nurse

Nurse Wendy-Household, sea-bathing in uniform

  • Navy blue nurses uniform dress by Alexandra
  • Blue wellington boots
  • Nurse's uniform belt by Alexandra

Join Nurse Wendy Household as she takes a dip in the beautiful clear seas of the English Riviera in high summer, and in full uniform.

With the temperature soaring and a beautiful sun blazing down from a clear blue sky, Nurse Wendy wades into the refreshing and cleansing sea, going waist deep, where the gentle swell is washing over her uniform belt. See her play with the water, splashing, dipping in, and relaxing as the sea water gently washes away the cares of the world. She spends some time waist deep in the water, and then heads back to the beach where she sits and lies down in the shallows, allowing the incoming waves to break over her, completely saturating her entire uniform.

This is wet nursing as it should be done!

Mini-trailer included below - note members videos are full size.