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Uniform Bath Time - set gm-2w153

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Uniform Bath Time

Honeysuckle takes a dungeon bath in uniform

Although she's officially one of our artists in residence, Honeysuckle also does some work around the house and estate, for which she is of course provided with staff uniform in a variety of styles. On this particular hot summer day, she's come to the end of her duties while remaining very clean and dry, plus she has most of a can of squirty cream to dispose of. And the dungeon hip-bath is tempting her!

She decides to start buy getting nicely wet, pouring several pints of water down her skirt till the front of it is satisfyingly soaked. Then she empties the can of squirty cream into a tray, and sits in it, then she stands, adds water to the squashed cream, and sits in it again, making the back of her skirt a soggy as the front and a little bit messy too! Then its into the bath, fully clothed, and a total drenching for her entire outfit.

By the end of the scene her wellies have been filled and emptied over herself, and she's also fully lathered up her skirt with shampoo and rinsed it off again.