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Wet jeans by the old bridge - set gm-2w156

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Wet jeans by the old bridge

Susie wades, swims, and fully submerges in the river!

Dressed in a tight fitting, unlined green leotard, pale blue capri-length jeans, and transparent ankle boots, Susie treats herself to a total drenching in the river by the old stone bridge.

She wades into the river towards the camera, soaking her jeans all the way up, turns and wades back out so we can watch her soaked and shapely bottom rising out of the water, then comes back in and soaks her outfit completely. Once she's completely wet she plays and frolics in the water, including a fair bit of leaping out with huge splashes, swimming about, posing sitting on underwater rocks, and just generally being wet with clothes on.

A fun way to spend a wetlook summer afternoon with a fun and willing Yorkshire lass. Enjoy!