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Felicity Tartan River Bath - set gm-2w158

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Felicity Tartan River Bath

Our serving wench takes a refreshing dip in a dress

On a hot summer day, Felicity cools off in the river while dressed in a lovely red tartan mini-dress, black opaque tights, and black plimsolls. First she crosses the river to get to her start point, soaking her shoes and wetting her tights to the ankle, then, having reached her favourite sandbar on the far side, she wades right in and gets totally soaked!

The scene is filmed from in the water, so Felicity wades towards the camera as she walks into the water and we are treated to a perfect view of her tights-clad legs, and then the skirt of her dress, going into the water.

Once she's wet Felicity plays and frolics in the water, ducking herself right under and then leaping up and out, splashing about, and going for a full swim in the deeper parts of the natural pool.

She gets completely soaked from head to toe, including full submersion.