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West Highland Wetting - set gm-2w16

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A West Highland Wetting

Felicity drenches a smart skirt-based worker's uniform by an old stone bridge

  • Outfit
  • Navy blue below-the-knee uniform skirt by Alexandra
  • White blouse
  • Navy blue engineer's jacket by Alexandra
  • Navy blue wellington boots
  • Features
  • Cola soaking
  • Wet skirt
  • Wet uniform
  • See-through blouse
  • Wellie flooding
  • River wading
  • Fully clothed wetlook

Felicity, dressed in a smart below-the-knee blue uniform skirt, white blouse tucked into the skirt, blue engineers' jacket, and blue wellington boots, treats herself to a cola and fresh water drenching by the old stone bridge which carries the loch-shore road past the edge of Lady Jasmine's extensive Scottish hunting estate.

She starts with cola, pouring two large bottles down her front, flooding her blouse and completely soaking the front of her skirt. A third bottle is poured down her back, some soaking part of her jacket, the rest managing to flow inside the jacket and wetting the back of her skirt.

Once she's finished playing with the cola, and with her outfit half wet, half dry, she wades into the river under the bridge and out into the deeper water on the other side. Her wellies are quickly flooded, and then the water level steadily climbs up her skirt until she's waist-deep in the river. She bends her knees and lowers herself into the water till it's up to her neck and her whole outfit is completely soaked.

Felicity then goes exploring in her soaked clothes, wading across the river, back under the bridge via a different arch, and then sits down in the water, relaxing in the sunlight.