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Swimming in Disco Pants - set gm-2w164

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Swimming in Disco Pants

Honeysuckle and Susie take a dip in tight shiny trousers

Wearing matching forest green disco pants, both genuine American Apparel, and with see-through boots and a purple t-shirt for Honeysuckle, and a pink t-shirt and sparkly wellies for Susie, our game girls go for a lovely dip in the cold river by the old stone bridge, one high summer day.

They wade in and out, wetting themselves a bit deeper each time, and really showing off their outfits, dry and soaking wet.

Eventually they end up totally soaked from head to toe and go for a swim together across the river and back again, totally soaked.

Two pretty girls, in very sexy tight shiny pants, getting completely drenched together. Enjoy!