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Buckets From Above 3 - set gm-2w169

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Buckets From Above 3

Maude in a blue formal dress gets a water pounding

Part three in what's becoming an on-going series where one of our girls sits at the foot of the old stone bridge over the estate river, and then gets multiple buckets of cold river water tipped over her from the top of the bridge, more tha twelve feet above. The water arrives on the chosen victim with savage force and the girls doing the pouring always love the squeals and howls from below.

This installment sees Maude on the receiving end for the second time, this time dressed in a beautiful and very fancy blue formal dress with pearl detailing, which gets unceremoneously soaked as the buckets of water cascade down. Once she's well drenched, Maude goes from a swim in the river in her soaked dress.