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The Tureen Hunt

Rosemary and Felicity hunt missing tableware

Rosemary and Felicity were both supposed to be otherwise occupied this fine and sunny afternoon, however that was before a guest, having had rather more of her ladyship's sherry than was perhaps wise, randomly threw one of the custard tureens - though fortunately not the priceless blue jasperware one - into the estate river! So our too fairly willing wenches have been dispatched downstream to see if they can find the errant serving dish.

Given that this is a good escuse to go wading in the water fully dressed they aren't really that put out. And they are both going to get very, very wet in the process.

Felicity wears a classic denim outfit, jeans, white t-shirt, denim jacket, and some rather nice leather cowboy boots, while Rosemary is in dark blue combats, pale blue shirt, and wellies.

They wade in and out of the water several times, getting deeper and wetter with each trip in, then splash, paddle, duck under, and splash water all over each other. Both end up utterly drenched and finish off posing, soaking wet, on the banks.