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Uniform Skirt Wetting of 2018 - set gm-2w174

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Uniform Skirt Wetting of 2018

Getting uniformly soaked!

Purity and Honeysuckle meet in the dungeon to wet-test their Hall uniforms.

Both girls wear plain dark blue just below knee length uniform skirts, pale blue short sleeve shirts, and dark blue wellies. Purity has green dreadlocks while Honeysuckle's long black hair flows free.

They play scissors-paper-stone, the winner getting to wet the looser a bit more each time. They have a huge tub of water, pint tumblers, and the running hose, and gradually they soak each other completely, starting by pouring cups of water inside each other's skirts, and then gradually drenching each other all over.

Honeysuckle's hair gets a full shampoo with lashings of lather and foam flooding down her back and skirt, while Purity's dreadlocks get a soaking too. By the end of the scene both women are dripping wet from head to toe.