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Formal Dresswetting II - set gm-2w176

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Formal Dresswetting II

Honeysuckle and Purity drench each other

It's a hot summer's day on the Langstonedale estate, and Purity and Honeysuckle are dressed for the garden party they've just been attending, before slipping away and down to the cool of the dungeons.

Honeysuckle is dressed in a fine semi-formal race-day dress, dark blue with white trim and white buttons. With it she wears dark tights and chunky ankle boots.

Purity wears a spectacular mid-blue formal dress with pearl detailing, which she wears with calf-high black heeled boots.

They have the running water hose, a full tub of water large enough to sit in, and a handy green watering can. And neither of them will be getting out of the dungeon dry!