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Festive Bubblebath

Felicity washes wellies in her bath, fully clothed

It's festive bathtime for Felicity in the dungeon!

The season's upon us, the decorations are up, and Felicity has a bunch of wellies to wash out, ready for midwinter exploration out on the Chase. So what better way to do it than a nice hot dungeon bubble bath, fully clothed of course, and wash the boots and herself at the same time?

Felicity dresses appropriately for the season, in one of our branded bright red boilersuits, black rubber gloves, black swimsuit underneath, and green wellies, but realises she could do with some white too. So before she gets into the bath, she slathers her entire outfit in bottles of bubble bath, and foams herself up! No sittch is left dry, the thick gloopy bubble bath flows all over her suit and she really rubs it in with her gloved hands, making loads of white foam all over her outfit. She even drenches her hair in bubble bath, instead of shampoo, at one point.

Once she's satisfied with her foaminess, she gets into the full bath, sending water cascading over the edge as she sits down and back into it, and creating even more foam and bubbles as the bath solution soaked into her suit mixes with the warm water.

She washes several pair of muddy wellies, not caring that the water she's bathing in gets muddy in the process, and ends up totally drenched, lying fully clothed in her soaking wet boilersuit in a lovely warm bath of mixed slightly muddy water and buble bath.

On the video, at the end, she slips her boilersuit off and finishes her hosedown off in just the swimsuit, including putting the hose down inside it.