Welcome to Langstonedale, land of mud and water!

Miss Pink in Engineering Blue - set gm-2w20

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Miss Pink the River Engineer!

Miss Pink goes paddling in engineering blue

Miss Pink goes for a paddle in the river wearing a full engineering outfit, Caterpillar work boots, royal blue combat trousers, pale blue polo shirt, and royal blue engineer's jacket.

First she slides down the steep path to the river bank on her bottom, leaving a nice dry mud stain on the seat of her trousers, before greeting Wendy in her already drenched bridesmaid's dress, and then wading into the water.

Her boots are submerged almost at once, then she slowly wades deeper, enjoying the sensations as the water rises up her legs, and then gasping as it finally engulfs her trunk.

Once she's wet to the waist she dips herself lower, each time going a little deeper, and then playing and splashing in the water to soak the remaining dry parts of her shirt and jacket.

Now thoroughly wet, she plays about in the river, crawling, wading, sitting and lying down, and more splashing, before finally wading out of the water onto the bank, clumbing back up the steep pathway, and posing in her drenched outfit at the top.