Welcome to Langstonedale, land of mud and water!

Morgana and The Nurse - set gm-2w33

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Morgana and The Nurse

Outdoor Hydrotherapy!


  • Long-sleeved black PVC catsuit
  • Black rubber boots

    Nurse Wendy

  • Navy blue nurses uniform dress by Alexadra
  • White nurses belt
  • Blue rubber boots

Morgana and The Nurse go for some outdoor hydrotherapy - but who is treating whom?

The two walk down to the Deeping Pool together, and stand in the shallows, the water just lapping at their rubber boots, where Wendy willingly stands and poses while Morgana throws several full buckets of water over her, front and back, mostly drenching her smart nurses uniform dress.

Then the two of them wade into the deep water of the pool and spend ages playing, splashing, floating, swimming.

A smart nurse and a beautiful redhead in a PVC catsuit - what better combination to see in the water!