Welcome to Langstonedale, land of mud and water!

Three in the Sea! - set gm-2w34

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Three in the Sea!

Morgana, Wendy, and Lady Amaranth, soaking wet in coastal waters!


  • Blue jeans
  • Black long-sleeve t-shirt
  • Blue denim jacket
  • Blue wellington boots

    Lady Amaranth

  • Long blue denim skirt, with bare legs
  • Blue and pale blue striped rugby shirt
  • Black and white 'Converse' style boots

    Nurse Wendy

  • Blue denim dress with belt and blue tights
  • Blue wellington boots

Morgana and Wendy are dressed for a shallow paddle, in matching blue "Briers" rubber boots. Lady Amaranth isn't, she's wearing black and white Converse-style basketball boots. So the other two grab her hands and merrily lead her into the water anyway!

Not that she offers much resistance! The three ladies wade out for a good way into this very shallow bay, the water never quite getting deep enough to flood their wellies, and once they've found a nice spot, they take turns to carefully drench their outfits, one by one.

Morgana goes first, carefully and slowly lowering her shapely denim-clad bottom into the water, soaking her jeans and stretching out on the muddy and sandy bottom of the bay. Rolling over, she covers the front of her jeans in sandy mud, then removes her denim jacket and does some press-ups in the water, soaking her t-shirt.

Next it's Lady Amaranth's turn, kneeling down to drench her denim skirt, sitting back on her heels and then settling down off them to sit, propped up by one arm, on the bottom, her skirt soaked.

And lastly Nurse Wendy lowers herself into the water, her lovely blue denim dress gradually succumbing as she lowers herself into the water and rolls over, soaking herself completely.

And then the three just relax and frolic in the water, splashing, playing, drenching any remaining dry bits, and just having fun together in the surprisingly warm, sun-warmed waters of this lovely coastline. At one point they all smear each other's bottoms with mud, before dropping back into the water and washing it all off again.