Welcome to Langstonedale, land of mud and water!

Viaduct Boilersuit Blue - set gm-2w41

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Viaduct Boilersuit Blue

Modesty goes deep in the river!

Action-girl Modesty, practically dressed in a well-fitted bright blue boilersuit and blue wellington boots, gets herself absolutely soaked, and wades almost neck-deep, in the river below the viaduct at the southern boundary of Lady Jasmine's estate.

She happily jumps into the river, and wades deeper and deeper, the bright blue of her suit clearly showing exactly how far she's wet herself. We see her legs going under, then her trunk slides into the water, and eventualy she's standing almost neck-deep in the water, using her arms to raise great splashes of it above her head, standing just by the viaduct arches.

She then wades back slowly to shallower water, the camera following every step of the way, until she sits down in the flow and splashes more water over herself.

Plain, simple wetlook playing, in an outfit that really shows the colour change as it gets wet.