Welcome to Langstonedale, land of mud and water!

Modesty in black - set gm-2w44

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Modesty Dale

An action archeologist in training!

Meet Modesty Dale, apprentice ruin-raider to Veronica Ravenblack!

Veronica has taken on an assistant, and sent her to Langstonedale to practice her wild-land exploring skills in readiness for her first trip to the Amazon.

Here we see Modesty exploring the river below the great viaduct near the Southern boundary of the Langstonedale lands. The river here is pure and fresh, but the water flows fast and the depths can be decptive where the water has scoured out the bed just downstream from the mighty Victorian stonework of the railway viaduct.

She gets to practice her skills of artefact identificaton too, though she suspects the objects she manages to extract from the waters may not quite fetch the same prices at auction as the lost mudstones of the Squishisquishi that she hopes to seek in South Ameroca might.

For now though, Modesty gets to test out her own favoured explorers outfit in the water, knee-high lace-up boots, slinky shiny PVC jeans, and a black swimsuit as a top.