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Maude & Rosemary Hosedown - set gm-3h006

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Maude & Rosemary Hosedown

Fully clothed washdown time!

After a day playing on the mudbanks and roughly washing off in the river, it's time for Maude and Rosemary to get properly clean and shampooed, which of course they do while still wearing the clothes they travelled back from the mudbanks in - Maude wears her black Nike sleeveless sports catsuit, and black wellies, while Rosemary wears a black boilersuit and wellies.

They start by drenching each other's outfits, and washing out Maude's muddy ears, and then thoroughly wash each other's hair with lashings of shampoo. They also empty their wellies over each other.

Two lovely girls, absolutely soaking wet!