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Lady Jennifer Hairwash - set gm-3h009

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Lady Jennifer Hairwash

Time to get clean

After a glorious weekend of mud and mess, it's time for our aristocratic visitor to fully wash her hair clean - while fully dressed, of course.

Lady Jennifer wears a brand new slim fit royal blue boilersuit over a black one piece swimsuit with orange and purple detailing, and brand new green wellies. First she hoses herself down, soaking her outfit all over, and then she washes her lovely blue hair, with lots, and lots, of shampoo. Once she has totally lathered herself up, she then puts the hose on her hair and washes waves of glorious white foam down her back and over her shapely bottom and legs. Then she conditions her hair, and leaving the conditioner in, she takes off her now filled wellies and empties them over herself, strips off her drenched boilersuit, and gives herself an all over body scrub with shower gell, both on her skin and all over her wet swimsuit. And then rinses the gell off with the hose too, before finishing, posing, in her soaking wet swimsuit.