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Riverbank Challenge - set gm-3m008

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Riverbank Challenge

Honeysuckle and Rosemary play in the mud

On a hot summer's day, Honeysuckle, dressed in waterproofs over a swimsuit, and mud-stained wellies, and Rosemary, dressed in her Work Kit Girl stylish black boilersuit and lace-up boots, have met at the riverbank to play in the mud, but the first challenge is finding enough wet mud to play in, as the weeks of very hot weather have partly dried out the mudbanks. Undeterred, they scramble down to the water's edge and having found some wet mud to push each other into and mud up their bottoms, they set about creating a proper playing area, using Honeysuckle's wellies to haul water from the river and pouring it onto and into the mud, until they've created a suitably sloppy area to slide about in and get properly covered in lovely wet mud.

Before long they have a lovely patch of wet mud to play in, and they slide around and cover each other, including going in and out of the water a bit to get extra wet as they play. By the end of the scen both girls are well covered in lovely slippery wet clay, from head to feet. Honeysuckle is wearing socks under her wellies and those soon get completely coated as she takes her boots off to use as water carriers, and spends the rest of the scen in her socked feet.

A nice fun scene, shot in the middle of a heatwave, but both girls still get totally drenched in mud and soaking wet!