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Adidas Catsuit Mudbath - set gm-3m011

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Adidas Catsuit Mudbath

Rosemnary takes to the mud in a blue Adidas zip front leotard

Dressed in a rotal blue, three stripe, zip front, knee length Adidas yoga suit, sunglasses, and white trainers, Rosemary takes to the mudbanks, and gets very, very muddy! First she walks across a deep sloppy gully. She loses her footing on the way down and abruptly sits down on the bank, getting the bum of her suit a bit muddy, which we get to see clearly as she gets up and wades across the sloppy bit, but that's nothing compared to what she does next, on reaching the far side she stands up straight and then lets herself fall back, splat! into the liquid mud of the gully bottom.

From here on she spins, crawls, slides, rolls, and just generally has an awesome time in the mud, gradually getting herself totally covered from head to toe, including total mud shampoo and full mud facial including her sunglasses.

Just a brilliant afternoon of fun in the mud!