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Party Dress Mud Bath - set gm-3m016

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Party Dress Mud Bath

Honeysuckle wears a little black dress into the mud

It's high summer in the North, and Honeysuckle is supposed to be on her way to a garden party. She's appropriately dressed, in a lovely low-cut little black party dress, and posh black Hunter wellies. But her route takes her past the Marsh House mudbanks, and really, what else did anyone expect would happen?

Very soon Honeysuckle and her lovely dress are utterly drenced in creamy mud as she has a wonderful time crawling, sliding, rolling, and making mud angels, in the deliciously gloopy semi-liquid riverbank mud.

Technical: Filmed on a baking hot, but very breezy day, there is a fair amount of wind noise on the soundtrack. Full original sound throughout and Honeysuckle does talk to the camera, telling us what she's doing and how much she's enjoying just playing in the mud.