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Blue Boilersuit Mudbath II - set gm-3m018

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Blue Boilersuit Mudbath II

Honeysuckle takes another boilersuited dip in the mud

Regular viewers may remember Honeysuckle's original "Blue Suit Mudbath" when she wore a lovely well-worn blue Dickies boilersuit, blue "Briers" wellies, and blue rubber gloves, into the mudbanks, not long after she first arrived back in 2016. She really enjoyed that mudbath, so in the high summer of 2020, the year of the Great Pestilence, she decided to repeat it, except this time in a brand-new Dickies boilersuit, dark blue Hunter wellies, her raven hair in cute pigtails, and dispensing with the gloves, she goes in bare-handed.

Shot on the last weekend of May in the grip of a blazing heatwave, the sun was absolutely blasting down, and a strong but warm wind was blowing across the Marsh House mudbanks, the tops of which were cracked and dry from the heat, even as the river was in full flood tide. So Honeysuckle first has to make herself a nice sloppy area of mud to play in, churning up the clay with her wellies and mixing the river water in until she has a nice sloppy area she's happy with. Which she promptlty allows herself to sit down in, splat! just like the first time.

She proceeds to get totally drenched in mud, crawling, sitting, sliding, and rolling over and over in the liquid clay she's created for herself. She keeps playing in the mud until she is utterly drenched in it, including a thorough mud shampoo.

Once she's satisfied she is as muddy as it's possible to get, and having relaxed in the mud for a bit, she slides into the river for a partial wash-off to finish.

Technical: Due to the strong warm wind that was blowing this day, there is a lot of wind noise on the soundtrack. The scene has full sound but we would recommend watching it with the sound low, or off.