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Midsummer Mud Maude - set gm-3m019

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Midsummer Mud Maude

Wearing a beautiful blue formal dress into very sloppy mud!

Shot on Midsummer's Day of the year of the Great Pestilence, here's Maude having a truly spectacular solo mudbath in a stunning blue formal gown, complete with multiple layers of mesh petticoats which get very, very heavy once they're drenched in mud!

Maude spends a happy time crawling, sliding, and rolling about in the mud, and gets utterly drenched from head to toe, including her lovely knee-high lace-up heeled suede boots, and full face and hair coverage including one of her tradmark "plunges her face straight into the mud" faceplants, though because of the weight of the mud-drenched dress she does this one while already lying on her front.

The dress became enormously heavy once it was fully drenched, regular viewers may recall that in a later-shot, but earlier-released, scene, Lady Jennifer wore the same dress into the mud, but her scene starts with Honeysuckle slicing all the petticoats out with scissors, due to the lessons we learned from this one.

Maude was the Midsummer Mud Maiden of 2020!

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