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PVC Catsuit Mudbath - set gm-3m021

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  • gm-3m021-v1 (23 minutes, 13 seconds)

PVC Catsuit Mudbath

Maude gets gloriously muddy in PVC and Hunters

Dressed in a sleeveless black PVC catsuit and shiny Hunter wellies, Maude has a wonderful time in the mudbanks, sliding down the banking in her shiny outfit and wallowing in a glorious pool of liquid mud at the bottom. She gets utterly drenched in mud, rolling, splashing, and faceplanting in the liquid mudpool.

Some highlights include:
Sliding down into the mud pool on her bottom.
Maude's drademark faceplants where she buries her face in the mud.
Taking her still clean bare feet out of her wellies, plunging them, one at a time, into the mud, wiggling her muddy toes fo the camera, and then sliding them, covered in mud, back inside her wellies.
Doing forward rolls down into the mud.
Lying down, rolling over, and swimming about in the mud.

At the end of the scene Maude slides down the bank into the river on her bottom, and then washes herself off in the river before crawling back up the mudbank to finish.

Mini-trailer included below - note members videos are full size.