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Mud Maude Denim Jumpsuit - set gm-3m022

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Mud Maude Denim Jumpsuit

It's really sloppy today!

On a beautiful High Summer day, Maude takes a glorious riverbank mudbath, in some of the sloppiest mud she's yet played in.

She dresses simply, wearing a mid blue denim fashion boilersuit by alternativwe clothing brand EMP, and her favourite silver sparkly wellies. Her suit is long sleeved and long legged, fits her like a glove, and isn't going to be staying clean for long!

After walking onto the top of the mudbank and doing a twirl to show off her nice outfit, she promptly finds a patch of wet mud right at the top of the slope, sits down in it, and spins herself around, a full 360 degrees, on her bottom, ensuring that the seat of her denim suit is completely plastered in mud while the rest of her is still clean.

Next, taking advantage of the layer of slippery mud already coating her bum, she slides down the steep bank, legs held in the air so she's effectively going crotch-first, wheee! - straight into the deep pool of very sloppy liquid mud at the bottom of the gully. Oh my!

Her legs and bottom are now utterly drenched in beautiful liquid mud, She clabers muddily back up the bank, and slides back down again, getting even muckier.

Eventually she turns sideways in the mud pool, lying on one side, and rolls over towards us, submerging the few remaining clean areas of her jumpsuit in the mud. After a bit she takes her wellies off, revealing still-clean bare feet, which promptly get dunked in the mud too.

There's lots of wonderful rolling around, sliding, sitting, and playing in the mud, utterly drenched, with Maude's hair and face eventually succumbing to the clay's brown and sloppy embrace.

Eventually Maude slithers all the way down to the river, slides into the water, and gives herself a rough wash-off, before clambering back up the bank and vanishing into the fields.

Technical: With this scene You get two videos, the main muddy one with Maude getting totally drenched in mud and playing in the liquid clay, then a separate wash-off video where she slides into the river. There's also a small photoset of 130 high res photographs.

Mini-trailer included below - note members videos are full size.