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Ladies-fit Boilersuit Mudbath - set gm-3m024

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  • gm-3m024-v1 (17 minutes, 14 seconds)
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Ladies-fit Boilersuit Mudbath

Honeysuckle gets muddy for pleasure in a dark blue suit and Hunter boots

Dressed in a "ladies fit" boilersuit by Dickies, from the mid 2010s, and dark blue Hunter wellies, Honeyscukle takes to the mudbanks for a day of mudslide fun.

At first the mud on the slope is far too dry to properly slide on, though she manages to get her bum nicely muddy testing it, but in the gully-bottom is a lake of liquid mud that she uses her hands to splash and spread up onto the sliding area, which coupled with her suit getting wetter and slippier with each attempt, means she's soon able to to a series of delightful proper slides down into the liquid mud, getting steadily muddier with each slither.

She gets totally drenched in mud, including a full frontal roll into the lake of liquid mud to fully drench the front and back of her suit, and later she gives herself a full mud shampoo too.

Eventually it's time to get clean again, and she slides down into the river to wash off, still fully clothed and with her boots on.

Technical: You get the full muddy video, plus a separate one of her sliding down into the river and washing off, plus a small high-res photoset shot between the video takes.

Mini-trailer included below - note members videos are full size.