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Black Shiny Shorts Mudbath - set gm-3m025

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Black Shiny Shorts Mudbath

Honeysuckle plays in her favourite mud spa

Honeysuckle is taking a mudbath!

She's dressed for the occasion in a halterneck swimsuit, over which she's pulled some shiny black sports shorts, and she's finished off the ensemble with a pair of black Hunter wellies. She wants to do mud sliding, but the mudbank has dried out, so she tries various methods to make it slippery again, including sitting in the mud pool at the bottom and throwing wet mud up onto the slide - and she tries splattering some of it directly onto her shorts-clad bottom to help out too - as well as making her muddy way down to the river, barefoot and carrying her wellies, which she then fills with water, carries back up the bank, and pours out and down the slide from the top.

Needless to say, by the end of the scene Honeysuckle is totally covered in mud from head to toe with just her face, framed by her mud-drenched hair, still clean.