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Blue Rainwear Mudbath! - set gm-3m028

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Blue Rainwear Mudbath!

Honeysuckle and Lady Jennifer get very muddy in waterproofs

Honeysuckle and Lady Jennifer take to the mudbanks in blue waterproof rainsuits and wellies, and get very, very muddy!

They start with their jackets tucked into their trousers and their trousers tucked into their wellies. Fairly soon the boots come off to leave them barefoot in the mud, needless to say their feet are soon coated! Then later they untuck and unzip their jackets, revealing the swimsuits they are wearing beneath their rainsuits, which also very quickly get totally covered in mud too.

They end the scene in the river, Honeysuckle in swimsuit and rainwear trousers, Lady Jennifer in just her swimsuit.

Mini-trailer included below - note members videos are full size.