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Dungaree Mudslide Time! - set gm-3m029

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Dungaree Mudslide Time!

Honeysuckle and Lady Jennifer in denim mudslide fun

Honeysuckle and Lady Jennifer are almost identically dressed in blue denim dungarees and white t-shirts, and are out on the mudbanks for a day of frolics, and neitther of them will be staying clean for long!

They start out in Hunter wellies, necessary to cross the field of thistles that guards the mudbanks, but they quickly take their boots off before they take to the mud, and spend the rest of the scene barefoot. Mud sliding is the first order of business, and they take turns sliding down the bank backwards, on their bottoms, and soon the backs of their dungarees are absolutely drenched and coated in mud. They clamber back up and slide back down a few times, getting muddier and showing off their mud-coated bottoms each time, then they come down forwards, and then they both roll over, towards the camera so we can see the clean fronts of their outfits rolling down into the mud, and after that they have a right good play together in the mud.

Lots of sliding, lots of rolling over, even some attempted swimming in the lake of liquid mud at the bottom of the gully, They both get utterly drenched in mud including thoroughly shampooing mud into each others hair, and then finally sliding all the way down the tidal bank to the river and washing each other off in the muddy water, still fully dressed, before crawling back up the bank soaking wet and putting their boots back on to cross the field again.

Two wonderful, up-for-it girls, and a whole lot of muddy fun.