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Sporty Girls Mud Crawl - set gm-3m030

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Sports Girls Mud Crawl

Honeysuckle and Lady Jennifer take a mudbath in skin tight sportswear

Honeysuckle and Lady Jennifer challenge each other to a mud crawl, through deep liquid mud, both dressed in figure-hugging sportswear. Honeysuckle is dressed for a horse ride, in tall Hunter boots, tight black and grey jodhpurs, and a long sleeved sporty top, while Lady Jennifer is dressed for the gym, in skin tight grey yoga pants with a matching crop-top, trainers, and a thin black running jacket, worn open. They both wear sunglasses.

They jump from the grass bank onto the top of the mudbank, and immediately both lose their footwear, the rest of the scene being done barefoot.

Lady Jennifer goes first and is soon crawling through beautifully deep and creamy liquid mud, soon followed by Honeysuckle who gets equally coated. They allow themselves to deliberately fall back and sit down in the mud, roll over towards the camera so we can watch as the remaining clean areas of their clothes are subsumed into the muck, and then have a wonmderful time together, rolling, sliding, and crawling through the beautiful mud under a gloriously sunny sky. They give each other full mud shampoos and ensure they're totally coated from head to toe.

Eventually they slide all the way down the mudbanks into the river and wash off as best they can, still fully dressed in their mud-drenched outfits. They splash and duck in the water, washing the worst of the mud out of each other's hair, before finally crawling back up the mudbank, getting their trouser legs muddy again in the process.