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Lady Jasmine's Sea Dungarees - set gm-3w003

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Lady Jasmine's Sea Bath Dungarees

Taking a relaxing sea-dip in a lovely warm shallow bay on the West Coast of Scotland

Dressed in wellies, blue denim dungarees, and a white t-shirt, Lady Jasmine takes a wet and slightly muddy dip in the sea, in the warm shallow waters of a secluded bay near her Highland hunting lodge.

At first her boots keep her all nice and dry, until she delibaretly kneels down and then sits down in the water, soaking her legs and overalls to the waist. Before long she rolld onto her front and soaks her outfit all the way up, too.

The seabed here is muddy sand, and her ladyship completely covers the front of her overalls with smeared handfulls, her bottom already being covered from sitting in it, before washing herself clean with the sparkling clear water.

Technical: There are no still photos of this scene as there was nowhere to put a camera down between takes, so instead as well as the video, you also get a large set of vidcaps in lieu of still photos.