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Lucia's Black Tracksuit Hairwash - set gm-4h007

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Lucia's Black Tracksuit Hairwash

Time for a fully-clothed hosedown!

Back from a day on the mudbanks, and still wearing the black Adidas tracksuit and black two-stripe swimsuit she travelled in, Lucia heads down to the Hall's dungeons for a fully clothed hosedown hairwash session.

She unzips her tracksuit jacket and then plunges the running hose down inside the front of her swimsuit, the water flooding down and into her track pants which immediately start to soak through. She hoses herself down completely, inclding filling her wellies and pouring their contents down herself, before discarding them, she is then barefoot for the rest of the scene.

She stands in a tub of warm water to warm her toes up, then very thoroughly shampoos her hair with lashings of shampoo, which floods down her back and over her tracksuited bottom when she rinses it out. She then conditions her hair, rinses the conditioner out, gives her whole outfit a final good drenching with the hose, and poses, soaking wet and happy.