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Tracksuit Hairwash - set gm-4h011

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Tracksuit Hairwash

Honeysuckle and Violet Vixen hose each other down

Freshly returned from the mudbanks, Violet Vixen, in a black tracksuit over a swimsuit, with wellies, and Honeysuckle, in a blue tracksuit with nothing at all underneath, and wellies, hose each other down and wash each others hair with lashings of shampoo, in the dungeon.

Taking turns, fist they totally drench each others clothes, playing the hose all over each other with no resistance, and then each sits and has her hair very thoroughly shampooed, and then rinsed, with cascades of foam flooding down her back and over her bottom as the shampoo is washed out.

Violet Vixen removes her jacket part way through, and they both take off their wellies and empty them over each other.

Two drenched girls and a whole lot of fun!

This scene was released to the Members Lounges of both Saturation Hall and Langstonedale for the 5th week in August, 2023.