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Tracksuit Hairwash Time - set gm-4h014

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Tracksuit Hairwash Time

Lady Jennifer and Miss Abigail get all soapy

Wearing clean tracksuits over the wet swimsuits they washed off in after a day of playing in the mud, Lady Jennifer and Miss Abigail have returned to the Hall for a proper hosedown and thorough hairwashing with shampoo.

They start off by hosing each other down, putting the hose down each others swimsuits so the water floods down and soaks their tracksuit pants, before also drenching each other's jackets with water cascading over their bottoms as it soaks the backs of their trousers too.

Once they are totally drenched, the jackets come off and they then take turns to very throroughly rinse, wash, and shampoo each other's hair, with lashings of foam flooding down their backs and bottoms as they wash the shampoo out.

Soaking wet sportswear and lavish shampooing - lovely!

This is a bonus extra scene for members of both Saturation Hall and Langstonedale, for the 5th week in May, 2024.