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Maude's Cherry Dress Mud Bath - set gm-4m001

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Maude's Cherry Dress Mud Bath

Wearing a minidress go-go boots, Maude takes a mudbath!

New year, new spring, new outfit, and Maude is ready for a mudbath!

In her first dip of the year, mud season having only just opened and the river still cold from spring just passed, maude takles the mudbanks in spectacular style.

She wears a black minidress with a pretty cherry print pattern, and bright yellow knee-high heeled go-go boots, and takes a truly glorious mudbath on the mudbanks. The surface is wet from recent rain though the sky is clear and blue and glorious early summer sunlight is shining. The tide is all the way in, so Maude can only play at the tops of the mudbanks, but the mud is gloriously sloppy and liquid and she is soon getting seriously covered.

Her boots sink to the ankle as soon as she steps in, then she falls back "splat!" onto her bottom, several times, she lies back, makes mud angels, coveres the front of her dress as well as the back, totally drenches her boots in liquid clay, slides and crawls around in the muck, and eventually snaps a heel completely off one boot - actual boot destruction, on camera.

By the end of the scene she's drenched in mud from head to toe, including full mud shampoo and a couple of her trademak faceplants, and then she slides into the cold river for a wash-off. Despite the sunshine, that river is cold!

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