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Mud Maude Pink Sacrifice - set gm-4m003

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  • gm-4m003-v1 (20 minutes, 49 seconds)
  • gm-4m003-v2 (05 minutes, 56 seconds)

Mud Maude Pink Sacrifice

Giving herself to the mud to ensure a great next season

Dressed in a beautiful long pink satin bridesmaids dress, Maude gives herself to the mudbanks, sacrificing her gorgeous gown to a mud-drenched fate, to ensure a great mud season for the next year.

Initially Maude wears matching pink shiny pumps, however these come off almost immediately and she spends the rest of the scene barefoot.

Maude gets utterly drenched in mud from her head to her toes, and absolutely revels in the mud as she gives herself to it, surrendering completely to absolute muddy pleasure.

As well as the main mud video there is also a second video of Maude's fully clothed wash-off in the river afterwards, plus a small photoset.

Mini-trailer included below - note members videos are full size.