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Tight Shiny Shorts Mud Maude - set gm-4m011

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Tight Shiny Shorts Mud Maude

Maude makes her own mudpit on the hottest day of the year!

High summer has come to the Marsh House mudbanks, the tide is all the way in, and yet the sun has baked the mud bone dry! Oh dear, what is a mud maiden to do? Well Maude, dressed in a spectacularly sexy outfit - shiny black tight PVC cycling shorts and a shiny black crop top, plus her famous purple sparkly wellies - has a plan for dealing with that, she's brought a bucket along and will make her own mud pit!

She uses the bucket to fetch water from the river, and soon as a lovely soft squelchy area of fine mud to play in, and proceeds to get herself totally covered and drenched!

Although she starts the sceen with her wellies on, they soon come off and she spends most of the scene barefoot, though she uses the boots to pour muddy water all over herself including inside her top and shorts, and she does put them back on a couple of times to play in various ways.

At the end of the scene she goes right into the river, again barefoot, before slipping the wellies back on to head back up into the fields.

Filmed on one of the hottest days of 2021 under a blue sky and blazing sunlight, Maude looks absolutely stunning in her tight, shiny outfit, and with freshly dyed and styled hair, and has a wonderful time playing in the mud she's made. Enjoy!

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